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Thank you for purchasing the WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder plugin.  Please read these instructions in full And Follow the Step and if you have any query please Contact to our support team.

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WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder Plugin allows Admin and seller to send mail when new product is added or update exisitng one. This is best plugin for promoting your product via mail.

This plugin Have many option to send mail like sent to users, customers and one extra functionality is importing mail list via CSV.

Note : If you want to change email template, then go to this plugin directory > includes > templates > emailtemplate > htmlemail.php. You can change your new template here.


  • Send product production email to sellers, customer or import list.
  • Fully Dynamic Mailing Functionality.
  • Set you own template for email.
  • Send promotion mail when create or update any product.
  • Send mail to your selected list only.
  • Send mail to your users.
  • Send mail to your customer.
  • Send mail to your importing list.
  • User Friendly.

Future Functionality

  • Send notification via whatsapp.
  • Send notification for page, post, custom post type etc..

Install the Plugin

Installing WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder is simple. You have two options :

Via FTP: Unzip the 'WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder' folder and upload it into the wp-content/plugins folder.

Via Wordpress: Login to your WordPress site Navigate to Plugins > Add New> Upload and upload the zipped up 'WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder' folder.

Activate WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder

Now that you've installed the plugin, you need to activate it. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click 'Activate' under the WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder. So far so good. Keep up the good work!

Plugin Settings

Global Settings
Send To

There are four option For sending to options :

All => Send Promotion mail to all users.

Buyer => Send Promotion mail to buyers.

Import Mail => Send Promotion mail to Imported user list.

User Only => Send Promotion mail to user only

Import Excel

Import Mail using excel file.

Import Mail List

Its display all mail which is import by excel.

EMail Template Settings
EMail Template

Choose youe option like send only plain text or HTML template.

Privew Test EMail

If you want see your mail templpate than click On this button.

EMail Address

Write down your mail id for set as from and replying mail id.

New Product Email Template

Set your own option for HTML template to send mail. ist send when new product is added on site.

Update Product Email Template

Set your own option for HTML template to send mail. ist send when Update existing product on site.

Preveiw Email Template
Excel Title

There are two option For sending mail

Plain Text Only => If you choose this option than only text information send. see on First image.

HTML Template => If you want to send HTML template than choose HTMl template on email template Settings.

Product Promotion Settings

Check for send mail

Promotion Email will be send only, If checkbox is checked.


Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. More WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder plugin and has a team ready and willing to field Your questions. If you do have any questions or technical issues please Contact us at Or through messaging. We hope you enjoy your new WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder Plugin. We’ll do our best to assist you.